Thursday, February 10, 2011

And they say that Midwesterners are the friendliest in the United States..

Not when it comes to parking in the winter!!  Someone has forgotten the fact that city streets in Chicago are Public parking... my question is.. where did he park when he got to point B...most likely in a spot someone ELSE dug out...hmmm... By the way buddy ...learn how to spell  :).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First DIY...yay! - No sew plaid infinity scarf

Step 1: Hit up your local Salvation Army for a couple Men's plaid shirts with patterns that you like. Try to find plaids that are reversible (same inside and out) . If you can try to find a plaid with a cartoon character embroidered onto it. Why you ask? Because they are hideous and I would like people to cut up as many as possible. Men and Mickey don't mix OK? In fact no one should wear Mickey unless you are under the age of 10 or a Brazilian supermodel. (just my humble opinion) I cut one of the shirts before taking a picture...oops

STep 2:  Cut the first shirt ( in my case the red plaid) right under the sleeve across the width of the shirt and make a parallel cut ..hacking off the shirt's bottom. I cut mine about four buttons wide
STep 3: Unbutton the second shirt (green plaid) and button the first shirt into the second shirts button holes. Using the first shirt's width as a guide cut the second shirt.

Step 3: Button the second plaid shirt into the first plaid shirts buttonholes...Now you are left with a GIant loop of fabric...Wrap it around your neck a few times and VIOLA..You have the No-Sew Mixed Plaid Infiinity scarf..and one less man wearing a Cartoon character clad flannel..YAY!  

Emilys music video

This is a music video written and performed by my bestest friend! I continue to be in awe of her talent. It definetely deserves a listen  :)