Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things I miss about New York..the subway

BECAUSE..You never know who you'll meet

It gets you where you want to go ...

Sometimes you get a "sign from God" or maybe just a message from a t-shirt

Its dirty, its need hand sanitizer...but its still inexplicably beautiful   :)

and finally Love is always in the air...
 The only thing missing from this set is a picture of people watching the rats scurry around the tracks.. it used to be my favorite NYC spectator sport.. Rat race if you will. Dont lie everyone does it.  :) Photograghs from this amazing photographer

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories..

I've continued my tradition of only watching old movies that are featured in new movies..for example Sex and the City 2 movie lead me to watch It Happened One Night.. sadly I was not entertained ..but After watching Sleepless in Seattle for the 700th time... I decided it was time to watch An Affair to Remember...

I loved their relationship :)                                           

I love love loved her outfits

and she was gorgeous ;)

thrift store to street style

So...whenever I buy something from the thrift store ( Salvation Army is my fav) I like to try to think...ok how is this going to fit into my wardrobe? or what would be the perfect outfit to go with this?.If I can't think of anything..which is rare..I put down the item and step away..even if its 90 cents. So I thought it would be fun to have a section that illustrates my dream outfit to match whatever recent purchase I make at Salvation goes..

I purchased this bad boy at Salvation Army for $5.. in my wildest dreams I would sling the bag over my shoulder wearing this outfit...

3) Skinny cargos  
       4) Floral print blouse

Friday, December 17, 2010

story life?

Hello dear readers of my blog... I know it shall be thousands of you soon :). Here is a little tidbit about me. I am 100% Irish...this means I love storytelling..for of my fav things to do..(something else you may have picked up is that I dont care about punctuation or proper grammer..but I am an excellent speller ) So here is a fun one. Last July my family moved from this house in one Illinois suburb..

To this one in another Illinois suburb 30 mins away..( Oh I forgot to tell you I live with my parents.. oh silly me..maybe thats bc I am 28 and slight embarrassed to still be roomies with mom and pops :) ) Anyway back to my story..

Over the summer we had a party at the new house, and my little girl cousies were running around upstairs and became enthralled with the "circle room' aka my palace and were asking me all kinds of questions ranging from "what are those weird statues? (my DIY buddha project)  to can I have a piece of that gum?

 When suddenly they came upon my jewelry "stand" (below)..what I thought would be a treasure trove for a little girl wanting to play dress up and my ticket to being the "cool older cousin"...but little CC (age 6) had other ideas..she zeroed in on something I had absentmindedly pinned to the bottom of the mannequin...

my old name tag from my two week stint at BK

She had two final questions for me.. You worked at Burger King? Yes.and..Weren't you embarrassed? What? haha!! She's six (then i had a flashback of picking up cigarette butts in the drive thru) and I answered her question .."Yes."
What I didnt say was the part I was really embarrassed about ..I was on clean up crew bc I couldnt figure out how to work the register! oopsie. Anyway, having retired my BK nametag long ago...I am still trying to figure out my calling at the moment...hope I find it soon 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

tomboy roots

I remember being a chubby lil fifth grade tomboy on the playground...wearing oversized bulls jerseys and Air Jordans. I was convinced that I was going to be a charter member of what would (only a year later) become the WNBA. 
I have since realized two things:
1) The only thing I am good at is free throws because no one is defending me.
2) I would rather sport skinny jeans and heels than mid calf length baggy mesh shorts and an oversized sleeveless shirt.
Still when I saw these .. I got a little nostalgic for the old days...hmm but what to pair them with?