Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Respect your Elders

When each of my grandparents passed away, all of the grandkids were given a few things as keepsakes. Because of my penchant for vintage prints, crazy accessories, anything shiny, I am often also given whatever is left over. All of the gaudy costume jewelry and kooky doo-dads that no one else wanted. I must say this thrills me to no end.. and I always try to incorporate these special pieces into my everyday wardrobe.  When my grandpa "Doc" passed away he left an enduring legacy and a wardrobe full of plaid pants (which he like to wear just under his armpits) and an array of bowties. Said bowties were given to me (woo-hoo!!) and when I saw the picture below in NYLON... I knew I had to DIY my very own bowtie necklace

So I took the chain from an old necklace and looped it through the clip on the back of the bowtie..viola!

A few things I learned from this project:
1) Wearing something you made that has personal history is much more fun than buying from the store
2) I desperately need someone to be my photographer like all the really cool bloggers
3) My left nostril is significantly larger than my right.. ;) weird but true!!!

Can't wait to break out grandma "Q's" XL short sleeve sequin number and see what kind of magic I can work on it.  ( I am fully aware that my grandparents names sound like hip hop artists..Doc and Q)

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